Mixing the flexibility of paper with the benefit of digital content
Predicting the future is never easy. The ‘paperless office’ is still a long way off and peoples’ love of technology is only equaled by their love of paper. The Smartphone Audio Tour and the Gallery SmartCard bring together the best of both worlds, they provide print based visual and text based information together with the ability to access digital information online.

QR codes can of course access any type of information, however, within the context of a gallery or walking tour, audio is perhaps the most powerful and immediate.

Gallery SmartCards
These provide visitors with the opportunity to access audio content using their own mobile device. Each card displays a work of art, accompanying text and a unique QR code. This code enables the user to access supplementary audio information.

Gallery SmarCard

Smartphone Audio Tour
Fitting in your back pocket, this A6 booklet provides you with a map, photographs of the various sights and accompanying text. Each location has an individual QR code which links to the corresponding audio. These recordings can either be accessed individually or downloaded in their entirety as a podcast.

audio tour_sm